NEMT's Consulting Team

Scott West, Owner/CEO

Scott West

Scott started his first NEMT company in 1986 while still working as an operations manager for a paramedic ambulance in Victorville, CA. After 21 years of experience as a business owner who started with 3 vans out of his house to being the Chairman of the Board, COO, as well as President of the largest NEMT company in California. Scott understands the struggles and challenges all owners and managers face on a day to day basis. For more then 8 years he has been designing and developing his own operating reports to give the decision makers the tools to succeed and stay on budget.

Scott has been on city transportation committees, has been in involved with medical transportation associations as well as designed cost analysis reports for them. He's given numerous presentations on ambulance and non emergency transportation problems and solutions. Scott attended California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA. He and his wife Andrea have been married for over 25 years. They have two grown children and one granddaughter.

Paul Salerno, Human Resources Director

Paul Salerno

Paul was born in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles with his parents as a young boy. During his high school and college years he developed an interest in business and particularly Personnel/Labor Relations. He took a break from attending Cal State Northride to enter the US Army. After completing his tour of duty he returned to finish his senior year at CSUN where he received his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration/Personnel.

Paul's early employment in the field saw him train in multiple Human Resource disciplines such as employment, wage and salary administration, employee relations, labor relations, benefit administration and ultimately to Manager and Senior Human Resources Management positions. In 1983 he started West End Medi-Trans Inc. and owned and operated the company until 2006. At the time of the sale, West End Medi-Trans Inc., was one of the oldest continuously operated transportation companies in the State. During this time frame, he also worked and consulted on regular basis to multiple Dialysis Service providers in the Southern California area.

Paul's human Resources experience covers a variety of industries such as Heavy Metals, Computer Manufacturing/Electronics, Dialysis and Transportation. He is one of the founders and Past Board member of the Inland Empire Chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management. He has also served as an officer for a local Professionals in Human Resources Association chapter.

Art Setian, Billing & Finance Director

Art Setian

Art has been involved in non-emergency medical transportation industry since 1990. Throughout his career, he has held many senior level positions and has been an integral part of leading companies in the industry such as Medi-Ride, Medi-Van, Health-link, and Tectrans. As Director of Billing and A/R, Art managed call centers, billing, and collection departments. His excellent managerial skills in Medi-Cal billing helped him to manage $16,000,000 of revenue billing per year with over 98% of A/R collection success rate. Furthermore, Art's extensive knowledge of Medi-Cal billing allowed him to play a major role in developing a software that handled call taking, billing and dispatching. Currently, he provides consulting services for different providers with their billing issues.

James M. Sebben, PhD

James M. Sebben

In 1993 Jim developed one of the first successful transportation brokerage models for a health system based in St. Louis, Missouri. This led to the beginning of his consulting career assisting private and public corporations, such as MTM, Inc., the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA), the Florida Chapter of the American Cancer Society, and TransCare Corporation, to develop their own unique transportation management/broker programs. In addition Jim has extensive expertise in market research to assist his clients to meet specific health or transportation needs. This has saved his clients time and dollars in developing their business opportunities.

As an administrator of both health care and transportation programs, Jim also has a great deal of hands on experience in setting up and operating transportation management/brokerage programs. His doctoral work in gerontology as a professor and researcher has been especially useful in helping his clients expand their businesses to serve the particular needs of the fastest growing segments of the worldwide population - the elderly and disabled. An avid outdoorsman Jim takes every opportunity he can to test his life long skills at fly fishing.