NEMT Training Services

Risk and Safety Training

NEMT Solutions will provide you with a complete risk and safety package including "Train the Trainer", where we will come out and train your assigned personnel with our complete hiring and training package. We offer a complete hiring and training package to ensure compliance, including ensuring that all appropriate workplace documentation is in place.

Human Resources Training

Are you aware of all of your human resources responsibilities as an employer? Are you compliant with all state and federal regulations? Let NEMT Solution's human resources expert Paul Salerno guide you through the complete process. NEMT Solutions will ensure that your organization is 100% compliant with HR regulations and requirements.

Gurney Training

Many companies are looking to provide transportation beyond just wheelchair service, but are not familiar with the process for going about it. NEMT Solutions can provide consultation as to what equipment to buy and then provide training on proper procedures and technique for moving patients from bed to gurney and back.